I used gray colors for this example ,
This backgrounds is easy to make, easy to use, (in tables) ..

You can make it from scratch or you can use my selections

Download  Country heart selection

If you are used to, and have worked with selections,
you can  go here ->

Create a new image, 48x48.
Choose File - New,
with these settings.

Use the Flood Fill tool and fill the first layer with white color

Create a new layer, you can use the menu, Layers - New Rasters Layer

or just press the "Create Layer" button

on the Layer Palette

If you want to make the lines for your self, use the PaintBrush tool, whit this settings.

Paint a "dashed" line, (with two pixels interval) one at the top, one to the left, and two in the middle like " a cross",

Use the Zoom tool it makes it easier ..
When your finished it would look like mine ..
(my image is 2:1)


Or you can use my selections

Välj Selections - Load from Disk.
find the saved selections,
select and choose lines.sel, press Open

Use the Flood Fill tool
and fill the selections
with the darkest color

Create a new layer,
Use the Selections tool and draw a rectangle, in the upper corner to the left, start one pixel inside the imageand make it 24x24 pixels ..

Fill with a lighter color.

Or use my selection,
Choose Selections - Load from Disk, select "square1,sel" press Open,
and fillwith a lighter gary color.


The next square ...

Create a new layer,
and make a selection in the upper corner to the right, 23x1 pixels, (horizontal) hold the Shift key, and make a similar selection (vertical) i the lefts, (bottom)

hold the Shift and make a rectangle selection 23x23 pixel in the right corner at the bottom,

Or use my selection "square2.sel"
And fill the same way as before, but use a lighter color...

Now the squared are finished ..
I want mine with hearts ...

I paint mine with the PaintBrush tool, using the same settings.

But you can use my seletions, Load the "heart1.sel" and fill with color, load the "heart2.sel" and fill with color

At last .. the lines, should be in the "front" , select the layer with the lines, (Layer1) choose, Layers - Arrange - Bring to Top ...

Your Image are finished to use as a background,
Choose File - Save as, save as gif.

Are you a "skilled" PsP user ..

You make it like this ..
I dont explain withch color to use, you can test that yourself...
 1. Create a new image 48x48
 2. Fill with light background color,
 3. Load the square1.sel and fill with color.
 4. Load the square2.sel and fill with color.
 5. Do the same with the two hearts.sel, and fill with color
     (if you make the i separate layersthey can "change" square ..)
 6. At last, Load the lines.sel, and fill with the darkest color.
 7. And your "Country heart" is finished. Save ,,

some example, I used the
Colours - Colorize, to change the color ..


Some color - tips

 254,255,245 245,255,245 245,254,255 245,245,255 255,245,254
 243,243,197  197,243,198  197,243,243  198,197,243  243,197,243
#F3C6C5  #F3F3C5  #C5F3C6  #C5F3F3 #C6C5F3 #F3C5F3
  253,255,168  168,255,169  168,253,255  169,168,255 255,168,253
 242,243,161  161,243,162 161,242,243  162,161,243   243,161,242
#F3A2A1  #F2F3A1 #A1F3A2 #A1F2F3  #A2A1F3  #F3A1F2
  204,205,135  135,205,136  135,204,205  136,135,205   205,135,204
#CD8887 #CCCD87 #87CD88 #87CCCD  #8887CD  #CD87CC

Good luck
and thanks to Wendy  and Carol
for testing my tutorial and
hope you enjoyed it

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© Tina Mårtensson  sept 2002

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