rutat papper

A note pad with squared paper

and like this .. You can make your own..

Create a New Image,
File - New,

Width 1200 (the images width)
Height (the images height)

Raster Background
16 Millions Colors

and select Transparent,

select the OK button







Choose a color
on the Materials  palette

And then use the      Flood Fill tool, and fill your image with color ..
any color you like, I choose a light blue color    #CCE6FF.



Create a new layer
Layers - New Raster Layer,

you can also press the
"Create Layer" button
in the Layer palette..

Name the layer "square",

Click OK.




Fill the new layer with white color...

Effects - Texture Effects - Tiles,

use these settings, click OK

Your images should look like this ...





Use Magic Wand    tool, select a white area ...
choose Selections - Modify - Select Similar ... (the white color will be selected)
Press "Delete"  ...
choose Selections - Select None




Change the layers Opacity, I choose 20 for my image ..


You can save your images if you want, I will work some more with mine .. ..


I change the Opacity back to 100 again ..
(only when I do this step, then I change back again)

Use the Eraser   eraser   tool,
use these settings ..

Shape;Round, Size;100, Hardness;100, Step;25, Density;20, Thickness;100, Opacity;100

Then, "erase" some squares ..
sweep the tool over the images ..
or just click ..


until you get the images you want

If you have Simple Filters you can check the edges,
if you choose "Simple - Top Bottom Wrap" ..

now my images looks like this (a part of it) ..

rutat11.gif (3018 bytes)

Change the Layer Opacity again .. I used 20 for my image ...

rutat12.gif (10479 bytes)

  .. now your done ;) .. save your images and use it as background
.. (if you want to see my background, click the images)..
.. about the flower ? its one of my tubes ..
  you can find them here





© Tina Mårtensson

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