psp7 psp6

I used a "color-me" picture..and ..
Colorize with long stitches....
Assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP,
you can "sew" to ; )

image 1Download the Image, or find a another you want to use.
Just make sure that the outline is okej,

Create a selection of the image, and if you using the
FreeHand tool and Ctrl, you decrease the selection, the
FreeHand tool and Shift you increase the selction

Choose a color to fill the selection,
then go to
Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds
( PsP6 - Image - Effects - Blinds )
use this settings, choose a darker color for "Colour", OK

Effects - Blinds

Then use some innerbevel
Effects - 3D Effects -  InnerBevel
(PsP6 - Image - Effects - InnerBevel)

image 3

image 2

Make a new selection, chose a color..
fill the selection with color,
Effeccts - Blinds - (see above,
dont forget to change the color for "Colour")
Effects - InnerBevel -  ( see above )  ....

The sky and the lawn, I sliced in several selections

Work through the whole image

Finish wiht a frame ....

Happy Easter

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