Make a advents candlestick ..

  Before you start.
- The tutorial is made in Psp 7.0, but works in any version.
- I assume you are used to working with layers.
- Use any colour you like ..
I have used PsP's own pattern "Stained Wood"
- Remember the Undo button ..
- Please don't take this tut and claim it as your own, or
use it in a collection or copy it ..

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Open a new image 500 x 300,
Width; 500 (bredd) Height; 300 (höjd)
Backgroundcolour; transparent. press OK

Maybe you think the image is to big .. ..
but I like to have plenty of "room to work" and when the image is finished .. just Crop it ...

Add a new layer, named it foot, use Preset Shape tool use my settings see image and choose the shape "Telephone Typewriter" if you dont have it, you can download it from Jasc homepage, you find it under "Installer for additional Jasc shape libraries [3 MB]")

Stroke: Null
Fill: Pattern "Stained Wood"

make it so big..

that the "receiver" almost fills the image,

make a selection around the recevier (see image)

Choose Edit copy.
Rightclick on the layer ( on the layer palette) and choose Delete, or choose Layers - Delete from the menu ..

Edit Paste - As New Layer


Selections - All,
Selections - Float

Choose CutOut see my settings below
repeat Cutout one more time,
change Vertical and Horizontal to -15,
press OK.


It looks "dark" so, to lighten it up ..

Colours - Adjust - Gamma Correction ..
you can see my settings below, but if you have you used another pattern you maybe need to change the settings, or oyou are pleased with the "dark" wood ..


Add a new layer,
name it "holder"

Use the Selections tool
make a square selection, 100 x 100

Use the same pattern..

I have used "Stained Wood" ..

Scale; 100
Angle: 225

But try yoor own settings ..
if you dont angle it ...
the effect will be different ..


Effects - Geometric Effects - Circle

Selections - Modify - Contract, 1, press OK.

Selections - Modify - Feather, 2, press OK.

Choose Edit copy.
rightclick (on the layer palette) and choose Delete,
or choose Layers - Delete from the menu. Deselect


Edit Paste - As New Layer

Select the sphere

Choose Selections - Float

Repeat the Cutout and Gamma Corrections and use the same settings ..


Now the Edge..

Create a new layer ..
Use the Preset Shape tool, with the same settings ..
but change the "telephone" and make a rectangle on top of the sphere..

Hold CTRL and move the upper corner outwards ..

Choose, Layers - Convert to Raster Layers

Select and repeat
Cutout and Gamma Correction with the same settings..

Merge the layer with the sphere and the edge,

Duplicate three times (or as many you want)

use the Mover tool and place them into position..

.. decorate and add some candles..
Save ..

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I hope you liked my tutorial ..

good luck !

Thanks to Barbara for the help ..

My friend Suss made this

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© Tina Mårtensson oct 2002

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