Make a candelabra ..
with tubes you saved from the
Candlestick tutorial, ..
Haven't you done it, you need to do that first..

  Before you start....
- The tutorial is made in Psp 7.0, but works in any version.
- I assume you have don the Candlestick tutorial,
  and saved you tubes, so you can use them ..
- I assume you are used to working with layers.
- Use any colour you like ..
- Download the zip file, it contains the footselection.
- Please don't take this tut and claim it as your own, or
use it in a collection or copy it ..

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Open a new image 400 x 500,
Width; 400 (bredd) Height; 500 (höjd)
Backgroundcolour; transparent. press OK

Maybe you think the image is to big .. ..
but I like to have plenty of "room to work" and when the image is finished .. just Crop it

The red colour I used is #FF0000 and #C00000.


Add a new layer, named foot, find the foot01.sel and use the foot tube you made in
Candlestick tutorial, tube, and fill the selection ..

I used the Undo alot .. besuase ..
I tried many times before I became truly pleased ..
At the bottom, I used scale 250, and the higher i get the lower the scale ..

When you pleased with the foot, add a new layer for the "arms", and tube out some arms, I used scale 40 for mine..
- dont forget about undo button in case you dont get it right the first time...
(the image above, I reduse the layer opacity, .. )

Then tube the holder for the candle in a scale you like,
the sphere under .. is the as the "the foot" and "the arms", use the scale 35 ..

Make the candle the same way
Candlestick , candle colour #FEF5E4 try to find the settings you lika.. I used..
Vertical and Horizontal 3, (the second time -3) Opacity 40, Blur 4, Shadow colour #D8AD6A

Finish one candle, with wick and flame, the duplicate the layer so you got five candles..
Decorate and your candelaber is finish to save ..

~¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~

I hope you liked my tutorial ..

good luck !

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© Tina Mårtensson oct 2002

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