PsP 7

Trellis background made PsP 7

A simple tutorial how you can make your own trellis-background with help of PsP7 and its effects..

imageThe page's background, trellis is made in two different yellow colors, but in tutorial I have used "brown country" colors ,
#E89674 and #F7D9CD , but use colors that you like ..

imageDid you know that if you right-click  image
on Solid Color , you can see the Recent Colours dialog box and displays 10 basic colours and the 10 most recently used colours ... ...

Begin with to create a new image 300 x 300 pixels, transparent background.

imageUse the Flood Fill floodfill tool
and fill the first layer (Layer1) ) with the light color

imageSee to that you have layerpaletten
the Layer Paletten open
Doubleclick on Layer1,
and rename the layer,
call it "bg"

Create a new layer, named Trellis
just press the "New Layer" button new
click OK
Fill with the dark color.
Chose Effects - Texture Effects..
use the settings 15, 35, 100 .
Weave and Gap color black, "Fill gaps" checked, OK
(the page's background setting 15, 15, 100)

Change color , just click the arrows  image
Use Magic Wand image and select the black color,
floodfill fill the selection with the light color. Deselect,  Ctrl + D .
Chose Image rotate, Left checked, Free,  45.  "All layers" unchecked


Duplicate the "bg"-layer
change the Opacityn,
I used this settings....

imageMake a
seamless selection,

Dubbelclick the
selection tool  selection

use the settings
click OK
(the page's background
settings, Left 44, Right 129,
Top 43, Bottom 128)


Edit - copy merged ,

Edit - Paste  - As a new Image ,


Do you want to see the example ?
click the image ..

Create your own variations, with a tub or a dingbat ..

Good luck

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© Tina Mårtensson january 2002