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springThese little girls are small figures filled with rice but I will show you how to make a spring girl in PsP ..

Now let's have fun and get started!
Make a new transparent image 300 x 300..
and save the image, 
... remember to save often! .   save

First the head..
I am using the colors #FFE1D3 and #DF8F90
Make a round selection for the head .. fill with the light color ..
add a layer and go to Image - Effects - Cutout.
Apply the settings with the darker colour for the Shadow Color, 2, 2, 70 35,

Cheeks, Add a new layer for the cheeks. Use the Paint Brush tool, size 20, apply the cheeka, add a new layer and make the another cheek .. Then add some blur, Effects - Blur - Gaussian Blur, 6. (apply the gaussin blur to both layers.. )

imageThe eyes and mouth ..
I make them on separate layers .. it just needs a little move or twist to go on another face .. then it's easy to change in the end ...

Use black color and the Draw tool .. Width på 2 and Type Freehand Line, Antialias checked ..

Then make two hands .. the same way,
you did the head, just make them smaller ..
and use some Drop Shadow ..
(gaussaian blur 10) Cathy's tips ;)

imageBack to Layer1
(select Layer1)

Add a new layer named "Strawberry"

Use Preset Shape tool
Foreground color "Null" and background color..
select your pattern to fill with .. my strawberry ..
(my strawberry and some other patterns to download are at the end of the page)

imageLook at the status bar or use rulers
and make a round selection
start at  (70,120)
and make it 160

(and move the body into position)

Select the MagicWand tool,
choose Selection - Select All,
click with Magic Wand

Chose Selection - Defloat,

Create two new layers .. named cutout ..

imageUse the effect cutout

change the Shadow colours to black

and use the settings
30,30,10,10 for
   the cutout layer1

and the settings
   for the cutot layer2

If you want,
imagemake some wrinkles..

using the draw tool ..

imageThe arms
add a new layer
and make an ellipse the way you made your body..
add cutout, change your horizontal and vertical to 10 ..
then duplicate the arm layer and chose Image - Mirror..

imageCreate a new layer ..
Use the "rope"tube to make the hair , (or use the draw tool)

Then put a hat on ;)


Use the  Preset Shape with the same settings
select the yellow hat ..
then save your spring girl ..

Since we put everything on separate layers you can move the individual pieces to line them up if you need to

Good luck

Cathy helped me with this one ; )
this girl is made by Cathy

and Louise made these

"Blueberry" "Strawberry" "Troll"
logimblueb.jpg (16756 bytes) logimstrawb.jpg (20739 bytes) logimtroll.jpg (18611 bytes)




© Tina Mårtensson

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