I start to enjoy the sigtags more and more, and now I make my own, and I want to share them  with you.. these are just very plain and simple, (would you like some personalized, you have to mail me), 
I made this with my PaintShopPro and my wacom pen. 

To save, just right click on the one you want and save and choose Save as.. and find and save in you SigTag folder.. 

Hope you enjoy these, and I will be happy if you let me now you using them ..

"Please do not alter my tags in any way, or claim them as your own creations or offer them for download on your site."

These are a gift from me to you. Thanks and enjoy! 

Instructions for Sig Tag usage
To save the sig tags to your computer, just right click and save as ..
I recomment saving them in you stationery folder so that they are in easy reach. (I created a folder called sig tags in my stationery folder) To put them in an email message, just go to "insert, choose picture and browse to where your sig tags are kept and choose the one you want. That's all there is to it :-)

Intructions to make a Signature...

these are saved as *.gif, you can use them on on any backgroundcolor..
but the animated gif's works best on white background .. but try if you want ..

these are saved as *.jpg, with white backgroundcolor



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