Create a sheep with the Preset Shape tool and PsP own effect QurtlyQ's

If you want to use selections, download these selections
and save them in your selections folder.
To use selections, choose Selections - Load from Disk.
- the body and head selection; 
  fill with gray color, contract the selection with 2 and fill with pattern.
- the ears, tail and legs selection, fill with black color.

Pattern to use,


Open a new image 300 x 300 on a transparent background

Set your foreground color to gray #808080 set your background color to the white teddy pattern.

Use the Preset Shape tool with these settings

And make an elipse.. (or use the sheep_body selection)
Choose, Selections - Select All, Selectios - Float

Use the Retouch tool, and "paint", make small strokes inwards
This will take a little time to get use to and to get it just the way you want. 


Choose Effects - Geometrics effects - CurlyQ,
use this settings;

Repeat if you want. (Edit - Repeat QurlyQ's )

Create a new layer, named head.
Change the pattern, to the yellow teddy, and use the Preset Shape tool, with the same settings, but make a triangle, with the "Create as vector" checked. (Or use the sheep_head selection).

Use the Object Seletor tool, and press Node Edit, rightclick in the image and choose,
Edit - Select all, rightclick again, and choose Node type - Symmetric.
Then rightclick and choose, Quit Node Editing ...
Choose, Layers - Convert to Raster Layer.

Make a rectangle selection round the head, (see image) 
and use the CurlyQ's effect with the same settings..

Create a new layer named ears
Set the Foreground Color Null  , and change the background to black color. Use the Preset Shape tool an make a vector selection like mine, (Or use the sheep_ears selection) 

Create a new layer, named tail, and make a tail the same way ..

Create a new layer, named legs, and make four legs the same way .. 

And with the legs layer selected, choose Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom

Now the mouth eyes use the Draw tool.
Maybe tube some grass and save your image..



© Tina Mårtensson 2002