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I like to keep these simple so please read on as it will only take a minute :-)

The backgrounds and tiles that I offer free are for your own personal use. Please do not alter them in anyway, add to a collection and/or call them your own (or sell them!). And you make me happy if you link back to me when using my graphics on a webpage or in an e-mail.

The images and backgrounds used on my pages, are created by me, all of the tutorials and their images are also created by me. It takes time and effort to put these together so please respect the work that has gone into writing each one by not copying, in whole or in part, to any other web sites or e-mails and/or claiming them as your own! That would be just plain rude wouldn't it?

E-mail groups/Graphic Groups are invited to share my tutorials with their members with TEXT LINKS ONLY. You can e-mail me if you like to let me know you are adding one or more of my "tutes" to your list ~~ I'm always curious to know who is doing them! Oh, and anyone should feel free to e-mail me their results .... I'd love to see your work *S*.

** Upon completing one of my tutorials, the image you created is all yours to do with what you like. I just taught you a trick or two along the way ;-)

See? Wasn't that easy! If you have any questions at all about these terms please e-mail me!

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With permission to copy the terms, and a special thanks to Gina !

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