There is a brownie sitting on my refrigerator. And its so cute. I got it from my niece Madelene several christmas ago ..
Its made in felt, and have a magnet on the backbut you can make it with PsP 7, with vector and Retouch  tool ...

Now let's have fun and get started!

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... remember to save often! .   save


Create a new image, 500x500, I like some "workroom".
Create a new layer namned face, face color #FFE1D3 #FFE1D3 cheek color #E08E90#E08E90 .
*notice* (my layerpalette ansikte=face, kind=cheek, ögon=eye, mun=mouth)

Use the Preset Shape tool, and make a circle for the face ( ca 80 x 90 ) Ellipse, Antialias checked, Foreground color Null and Background color #FFE1D3.

Select the face, use the selection tool, Rectangle, Feather 0 and Antialias not checked. Make the selection  outside the head, click in the selection (not the head) then you get the head selected.

Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout, Fill Interior whit color not checked, Interior color white and Shadow color a little bit darker then the check color,
use the settings  3, 1, 60, 40.
Choose Effects - Noise - Add, 3 % unifoem.

Cheeks, Create a new layer, namned cheeks, change to the cheek color. Use the Paint Brush tool, size 20, apply the cheeks, add a new layer and make the another cheek .. Then add some blur, Effects - Blur - Gaussian Blur, 7. (apply the gaussin blur to both layers.. )

The eyes and mouth ..
I make them on separate layers whit the draw tool  .. it just needs a little move or twist to go on another face .. then it's easy to change in the end ... 

It becomes a lots of layers, and you can put together the if you want to.
I dont, becuse, to move a eye a little, or to move the mouth a little, can man get a entirely new expression

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tomte4Create a new layer. Use the Preset Shapes tool and make a red circle, same settings, Create as Vector checked.

Make sure to have Tool Option Paletten open and dont be afraid when the red color disappears, it will be back ...

Select the Vector Objekt Selection tool Vector Objekt Selection. and then NoteEdit. When you edit your"vectorimage" it will be small squares in the selection.

- To quit NoteEdit, rightclick and choose Quit Note Editing,Ctrl + Q.

Move the mouse over and you see;
  • Either that the cursor becomes to four arrows, that means that you can move your image
  • Select a square and it become a longer arrow, you can use the arrow and reshape..
  • To make a new node, hold down Ctrl-knappen and click where you want to have the..
  • And just try until you get it the way you want.

If you dont want to make it with vector graphics ..
Then create your cap with the selections tool, use the Ellipse, and hold the Ctrl to decrease the selection, and hold Shift-button to make the selection bigger ... and create thae cap .. the way you want, and fill it whit red color.

Select the cap (the same way you select the head), and choose Effects - 3 D Effects - Cutout, Fill Interior whit color unchecked, Interior color white and Shadow color black,  4, 2, 40, 30.

And make
a white tuft, the same way you make the beard....

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Highlight Layer1 and create a new layer, (under the head layer). Make a large red filled circle with the Preset Shapes tool, use the same settings ..

Select the body, like you did before whit the head,
and choose
Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout,
Fill Interior with color unchecked,
Interior color white and Shadow color black, 4, 2, 40, 60.

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To make a beard, work with vector the same way you did with the cap, or with the selection tool.

This is my beard... the hole in the middle is for the face ..

but maybe your beard looks different ..


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tomte7to make the beard look mor "fluffy"..

Use theretouch Retouch - tool, whit thesse settings, if you want, work with a copy of the layerr and remember to save often .. it could be a lot of changes ...

I think this is a fun part .. it can take some time, before you get pleades.

Or use Plugins
KPT 5.0 - Fiber Optix..

MAke the tuft the same way...
and maybe you make hands and feets ? and a scarf...
Good luck


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© Tina Mårtensson