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Vector Graphics

Cats ..
Create cats with the Preset Shape tool and vectorgraphics   preset_shape

This is a very easy tutorial, it can be done in PSP 6 or PSP 7 with a few little changes

See to that Tool Option is active  tooloption

Create a new image, 200 x 200 , transparent background.
Click on the Preset Shapes tool.
Set the foreground color black,
and the background color grey, #AEB4B9

Click on the Preset Shapes tool again  presetshape

Use these settings
Type : Elipse
Width : 2
Antilias : checked
Create As Vector : checked

Type : Elipse
Style : Stroke & Filled
Line Width : 2
bild 1Antilias : checked
Create As Vector : checked

draw an elipse shape , for the body
use the Object Selector tool,  objekt
and select Node Edit, nodedit
Pull the bottom center nodes  outwards
call the vectorlayer body (Kropp).

bild 2Add new vector layer...
name this layer "feets". (Tassar)
and change the grey color to white
make two elipses

add new vector layer.
name this layer "head". (Huvud)
draw an elipse shape for the head ..

use Object Selector tool,  objekt
and select Properties, properties

"Vector Properties" option appears,
change "Fill" color, the white ... to grey  ..
bild 3*** note
If you using PsP 6, you cant use this ..
you have to change color before you make the object ..

The ears  ...
Select the "Head" layer (Huvud), click Node Edit
Now hold down the Ctrl key as you hover over the line...
when you see "add+" appear, click to add a node. 
Do this again until you have 3 new nodes on each side
pull them and make them look like ears ... ....

Add new vector this layer "Nose". (Nos)
for the eyes and nose ..,
use the  Preset Shape tool  presetshape
bild 4with the same settings
but unchecked Antilias, and
make an triangle instead of a elipse ,
make the line with the Draw tool   draw
Use these settings
Type : Single line
Width : 2
Antilias : unchecked
Create As Vector : checked

select the Object Selector tool,  objekt
and move the nose into position
.. ZOOM IN on your image  ...

bild 5The eyes ..
make them like you made the feets,
change color and make them smaller
and move the each eye into position
.. ZOOM IN on your image  ... it helps ; )

The tail ..
Add new vector this layer "Tail". (Svans)
use  Object Selector tool,  objekt 
and create an elipse
click Node Edit, nodedit
make it look lika a tail, or almost like a bean
bild 6to quit, rightclick an chose Quit Node editing.

Hold on and move the "Tail"layer
and pull it underneath the "Head"layer,

Some details
a "fuzzy" white nose ..

Draw another white elipse
and node edit it into a shape, maybe like mine,
you really just have to experiment with the nodes
and adjusting the arrows on both sides of the node.
The more you try it, the better the result .

cats07.gif (6383 bytes)bild 8Then use retouch.gif (885 bytes) the Retouch tool select Option option.gif (911 bytes) and change Retuch Mode - Smudge,
my settings;
Shape; Round,
Size; 8,

bild 9
Experiment with the setting,
This will take a little time to get use to and to get it just
the way you want. Take your "Retouch" tool and start in
"small" sections and pull away from your image with it
around the edges of the nose.  I "Retouch" the feets to ...
For this brown one, i used the Retouch tool, smudge,
and a filter texturizer ...
Isn't it cute ...

* notice ..
A vector layer must be converted to raster in order to apply effects and filters.
Don't forget to save often ..  spara
Work in layers and let late the fantasy flow ..

And why not do a tub of yours cats ..
here you can find  mine -->

I hope you have enjoyed this Tutorial!

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© Tina Mårtensson