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How to  Animate your Cats

An animated cat ..
This tutorial assumes that you have done my  Cats tutorial ..
that you have created a cat with the Preset Shape tool and vectorgraphics   preset_shape

cat anim1.
Open your cat image in PsP,
duplicate and close the original .

After you have done the Cat tutorial you have a Layer Palette that looks about like this ....

maybe with different names,(I have two "effect" layers,  "Vit nos" and "Vita tassar" that you may not have) from your cat you may see different layer names  and your cat may look different..

The main thing is that you have "Svansen" (the tail) in its own layers.

Select the "svans"layer (the tail)
Rightclick and choose Duplicate ..
cat anim
With the "Copy of Svans" (tail) layer selected
(blue highlighted)
Image - Mirror

Now you can see both tails, you will be clicking the "glasses" so that they have a red X on them...


Check the "Copy of Svans" (Copy of tail) layer,
so it has the red X on the glasses

Change layer, which one doesn't matter, just don't select one of the tail-layers....

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible


Save your image, choose
File - Save as - cat1.psp,
click OK.

Edit - Undo Merge Layers

Click on the glasses of the "Copy of Svans" (copy of tail) layer, so the red cross disappears. Then click on the "Svans" (tail) layer so the red X appears on the glasses, ...
Repeat step 6, 7 and 8, Save your image as cat2.psp.

Animation ShopAnimation Shop

Open Animation Shop ..
Choose File Run Animation Shop, and for PsP 7,  File - Jasc Software Products,

Animation Shop, has a lot of tools, the same as in PSP ..
and you use them the same way.

animation wizard
Click Animation Wizard - tool, The Animation wizard - "Animation guide" opens.
You also find it under File -Animation wizard.

This guide makes it easier to make your own animations.

cat anim

Select this....

Press Next ..

cat anim

Select Transparent,

Press Next

cat anim

select  "Centred ... "

Press Next

cat anim 4.
select  "Yes ... "
Press Next

then ..

Press "Add Image
browse for your image,
cat1.psp och cat2.psp

Press Next

Then , the last one
Press Finished

Press the Arrow tool, arrow
to view your animation press  the PsP6 view6.gif (969 bytes) PsP7 view7.gif (980 bytes) viewtool,

cat anim

Select the first image,
(make it blue highlighted)
right click and choose Frame Properties,
set the "Display time" to about 40,

Select the second image
right click and choose Frame Properties,
set the "Disply time" to about 60,

catanim10.gif (15181 bytes)

Save your image File - Save As - name it, Save,

Then on next screen, just Press Next, three times and Finish

And now you have created your animation cat;)

I worked some more on my cat ..
added dropshadow
and used six images instead of two. I changed the Display times to,
10, 40, 20, 40, 75 and 40,

anim_citty.gif (35733 bytes)

I hope you have enjoyed this Tutorial!

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© Tina Mårtensson